“I was quite disgusted” – Radio Clyde manages to ‘find’ an anti Kyogo Celtic caller

This show never ceases to amaze me.

It always seems to find the most deranged fans to call and make a point to stir controversy.

And this one fan must be the only Celtic fan in the entire fanbase that has managed to find himself ‘disgusted’ at the actions of his own player who was assaulted on the football field.

Now I am not claiming to speak on behalf of all Celtic fans but what I can say, as this is part of my job, is that I have not seen a single fan claim to be embarrassed or disgusted or ANYTHING towards Kyogo Furuhashi after he was slapped on Saturday.

Not one.

Not a single tweet. Not a single Facebook post.


But the boys at Clyde 1 Superscoreboard managed to root out a fan that was so disgusted that he had to call the show to embarrass himself and tell Glasgow that rather than be upset about his own player being slapped by a bulky defender, he was more upset at the Celtic strikers reaction to it.

Well done Brian, whoever you are, you certainly outdone yourself here when you said, “I just actually watch the highlights from the Celtic game just about half an hour as much as I want the victory, I was quite disgusted at the way Kyogo actually went down for that penalty.

And it’s actually quite embarrassing to watch.

Now I played amateur football for years and if that happened at amateur level, people would just laugh at you.”

People are laughing Brian. And it’s not at Kyogo. Can you guess who they are laughing at though?

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4 thoughts on ““I was quite disgusted” – Radio Clyde manages to ‘find’ an anti Kyogo Celtic caller”

  1. I constantly Tweet this show regarding how Biased it is, it’s fixed, the Host who claims to be a Motherwell fan much the same as Chick Young always claimed to be a St Mirren fan but they have Sevco written all over them, after Brian, i sent a Tweet BEFORE the show started last night, I predicted somebody called Paul, Michael, Kevin would call in claiming to be a Celtic fan but rubbish Celtic, sure enough, somebody called Michael claiming to be a Celtic fan called in, funnily enough he was disgusted with Kyogo too! I think I sent about 4 or 5 Tweets last about how BIASED and Anti-Celtic the show is!

  2. Brian’s never a Celtic fan that’s probably the truth of it. I’ve called SSB and they don’t ask who you support and no self respecting Celtic supporter would embarrass themselves like that. It’s easy to say Kyogo milked it but it looked like delayed reaction to me, Obileye is a big bit of a guy and it wasn’t a playful slap so he’d every right to go down in my opinion.

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