“I Thought It Was Harsh” – Alex Rae’s Incredible Red Card Claim

There is absolutely no doubt that Alan Power’s sickening tackle was a red card.

Any football person could see that it was reckless and dangerous and could have caused serious injury to Celtic midfielder David Turnbull if there was a serious connection.

Thankfully, contact was slight, but the intention was clear.

A clear red. No doubt about it. Except for Alex Rae. Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Rae, having defended the tackle earlier in the program, doubled down and tried to back up his stance when he claimed the red card was harsh from the referee, “There’s no two ways about it. He’s kind of clipped the boy. I can understand maybe why Willie Collum may have given it.

But for me I thought it was a bit harsh at the time. But listen see the wording of the actual rule. We see that when people lunge in, especially when you go to ground all the time.

So it could be construed that every time you go to ground, because you very rarely see somebody going in half hearted, when they’re going to ground because they are usually running at pace.

So, a lot of these tackles would come under that rule as a bit late and excessive.”

An incredible stance to take on a tackle that could be easily labelled as a career ending challenge and how Rae could try and convince anyone it was not a red is unbelievable.

Thankfully, young Turnbull wasn’t hurt and recovered quickly from the challenge and should be fit for Thursday’s trip to AZ Alkmaar and for the visit to Ibrox for the first Glasgow Derby of the season.

4 thoughts on ““I Thought It Was Harsh” – Alex Rae’s Incredible Red Card Claim”

  1. Concerning the offside goal for St Mirren – it was a correct decision.
    Tony Ralston was tracking the player who made the cross. That player then ran off the park over the bye line in order to gain an advantage. However, a player cannot leave the park without the referee’s permission. Thus, he is judged to be on the bye line and plays Ralston on side. This is interfering with play, because Ralston has tracked him and kept the correct side of him. It is good to see officials actually applying the rules correctly.

  2. Concerning the red card. This was a correct decision also. The tackle was reckless, with studs up and made with intent to injure. The quick thinking of Turnbull to lift his foot meant he avoided a possible break and long term injury. You could actually see the anxiety on his face, considering his last injury.

    For a certain Mr Rae to comment that the red was harsh shows how distant he appears to be from the world of reasoning. I am not sure if he naturally lacks the gift of reason or if he wasted his time at school. Nevertheless, he seems to exhibit a certain bias quite often in his remarks.

  3. It’s not as if Power has lots of previous for that type of tackle on Celtic players. The man’s an unreconstructed thug.

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