“I think it’s a gamble you’ve got to take” – Listen to Barry Ferguson’s amazing all or bust title strategy.

This was an incredible take from a former Rangers man that watched the first incarnation of his club die after the EBT scandal.

After posting losses of £23m for the Ibrox club, at their AGM yesterday, the claims of financial stability seem to be have been accepted by those connected to the club as they are seemingly pinning their hopes of winning the league to guarantee Champions League Group stage football and that dangling carrot of £40m.

Players sales will not be happening in order to make the club more financially stable.

This is a dangerous strategy and one that was adopted prior to 2012, when Oldco Rangers died chasing the European dream.

It seem no lessons have been learned, and with compliance and not a single cross examination from anyone in the media, the new Rangers are following the exact same route as the Oldco.

And Barry Ferguson had his say on The Go Radio Football Show and , incredibly, seemed to be in favour of this, “Look what you’re getting in May. You’re getting £40m.

Listen I think it’s a gamble you’ve got to take as well. Cause listen, £40m into the coffers, if it is Rangers, will clearly help them.

With obviously the losses they’ve had and obviously Celtic would look to go and strengthen to try and get that pot of gold come the middle of May.

” I know what I would do if I was Rangers. Gio, I don’t think would have took the job. I think he would haveasked them if he was getting to keep this core group. These are the important players for me. I don’t think if he was coming in it was gonna be a fire sale.

I think that might happen you might see one or two ago at the end of the season. I would be surprised if I seen it in January.”

It really is an incredible stance to take and a complete disregard of all the other football clubs that are trying to stay financially stable at a time when coming out of the COVID crisis.

All or bust is the strategy it seems.

From where I am sitting, it looks like the former way win the day.

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