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“I think Hugh needs to calm down a wee bit” – Celtic fan takes issue with Keevins hysterical Celtic reaction

Celtic’s draw with Motherwell came out of the blue. No one can deny that.

After the Hoops had just surrenderedtheir 100% home league record, Hugh Keevins went on the attack.

Bearing in mind we are still unbeaten at home and have the league and league cup wrapped up, a draw in the league in the grand scheme of things is hardly a disaster.

But this is Keevins we are talking about.

Having had enough of listening to Keevins bleat on about Celtic’s squad depth all of a sudden now being poor, this Celtic fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to take issue with the experienced journalist, “I think Hugh needs to calm down a wee bit.

“Celtic’s lost points in three games this season. You think the way Hugh’s going on you would think we are fighting for top six.

“We’ve lost five points in three games.  We’re in the split now.

“I think today it was just a combination of players looking a wee bit tired.

“We missed Hatate  Iwata is a decent player but he can’t do the things Hatate does.

“So I think everybody needs to calm it down a wee touch”

But like I said, this is just typical Keevins. When it comes to Celtic, he always has his finger hovering above the nuclear button waiting, and hoping, for Celtic to slip up so he can press it.

I bet he’ll be raging after Rangers defeat at Aberdeen only allowed him 24 hours of hysterical nonsense.

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