“I think he rocked the boat” – Popular fan media station on Dom McKay scenario and boardroom unrest

I love fan media podcasts. The people that present or participate in them have great knowledge about Celtic and are generally well balanced in their views.

But what I particularly like about them is their honesty. No matter what is happening at the club, the fan media and bloggers, will tell it how it is.

Because they love their club. And if anyone threatens the stability or the success of the first team, they will call it out and call it loudly.

The boys on The Celtic Exchange Podcast did exactly that as they responded to the departure of former CEO, Dom McKay, and offered their theory on why they think McKay was forced out.

First up was Mif, “Don McKay comes in, he’s fresh, he’s forward thinking he’s talked about being first in class, I think was used, and world class and different things.

He’s clearly come up with his own ideas, as he should do, if he doesn’t come into this new CEO role, with a new ideas, then he’s not doing his job.

And I think Celtic have went, ‘Come on in Dom. Here’s some autonomy, but not too much, come and do a few things but don’t rock the boat‘, and I think he’s rocked the boat.

And Paddy agreed and offered a swift kick in the gonads for Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board, “Absolutely agree with you. You mentioned there about the status quo being shaken up.

I think that’s a big, big factor. One of the things I’ve got to question just now on, is the guy there setting with all the money, that we sought after, in Dermot Desmond.

He’s been a big player at Celtic for obviously this amount of time. I had a good chat with my cousin just there before we come on here, basically about what what his view is with Celtic.

Where does he take them from here? All these people {the board} have sat happy under Lawwell because they’ve all been getting a bonus.

They’ve all been sitting very happy and at the end of the day if that all starts to get upset is a big threat to board members.

Very damning from the boys and a view, from what I’ve seen across social media, that is being shared amongst some Celtic fans.

The board need to break their silence and come clean about the mystery of McKay. But, as past experience with this board has shown, communication with the isn’t their forté.

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