“I think Celtic will finish, at very best 3rd” – Moonhowling live radio claim by Sevco nut

There’s overconfidence. Then there is just plain stupidity.

Now, I am all for being confident in your OWN teams ability and regular readers of my site will also know I like to stick a friendly boot into the backside of our rivals from Govan.

But when I do that, I at least try to in a way that make people think its a. funny and b. realistically funny.

No jokes at the back about me never being funny!

But this one *Rangers fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and made an absolutely outlandish claim that even had host Gordon Duncan ripping the proverbial urine out of him.

I can’t even remember the guys name but he called after Celtic’s 3-0 win over Ross County to tell all and sundry that he wasn’t worried about Celtic, whilst sounding worried about Celtic, “I’m not worried about Celtic.

Celtic will be lucky to finish second this year. I’m more worried about Hibs and Hearts than I am about Celtic.

I think Celtic will finish at very best, at very best, third. I really do. I really do.

One of the Celtic supporters came on and basically predicted Ange will be away by Christmas.

I think he’ll be away before that. I really do. They’re no going to get another Brendan Rodgers in again.”

So we went from Celtic finishing second, to third to then FOURTH to also predicting Postecoglou leaving the club before Christmas and to top it all off, the caller claimed that Celtic will not, quite obviously, get Brendan Rodgers again as their manager.

Yeah, and it’s not even anywhere close to silly season!

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