“I sort of disagree” – Listen to Hugh Keevins’ incredible take from an important weekend win as pundit takes him to task

It’s a funny wee world we live in. Celtic fans I mean.

Because no matter what the team does, how the manager sets up, how good the football is, for some people (and I’m not talking about the fans here), it is simply not enough.

After a tough midweek game against Bayer Leverkusen, Celtic had the test of Aberdeen to contend with. With all the highs and lows that precede a result and performance like the one we had in Germany, you could forgive the players if they toiled on their next domestic match.

But after a very important 2-1 win against Aberdeen at Celtic Park, what was the first thing on Hugh Keevins’ mind? What if Ange lost the match. Yeah I know.

Literally thirty seconds before the final whistle, speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins came away with this belter, “Ange Postecoglou is in a horrible position because the fans love him.

They buy into everything he says and does. But it will all turn very quickly if results don’t go your way.

Because we, in Scotland, are a results people. It is all about that. There’s no time to think about the bigger picture, the longer term.

If Ange Postecoglou had lost this game today, the phone lines would have been very active.”

For a guy that doesn’t deal with hypotheticals, that is a hell of a hypothetical!

But at least there was one pundit on the show that spoke some sense and that was Gordon Dalziel. He is fast becoming the voice of reason on that program and is getting known for his balance when it comes to speaking about Celtic, and he was having none of it when he said, “I sort of disagree.

I think the man has bought himself enough time. I think if you are a Celtic supporter, you have looked and thought, ‘What kind of job has this guy walked into?

Really difficult, of course. He’s not had a lot of time. He needs another transfer window.

We’re all talking about the bench. We’ve recognised the weaknesses. So as much as yeah it would have been disappointing for Celtic.

I think the Celtic fans have bought into this guy and they’re going to give him as much time as needed.”

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