Alex Ferguson has sensationally lifted the lid on the open bigotry he experienced as a player at Rangers from a member of the Ibrox boardroom. Ferguson opened up on the day he signed for Rangers and disclosed a conversation with an unnamed boardroom director when the director learned of the legendary managers wife being a Catholic, “When I signed for Rangers. One of the directors, he asked me about Cathy (Ferguson’s wife) and he saysI have to ask you a question about your wife. I believe she’s catholic‘.

I said, ‘Yeah. He saysWhere you married in a chapel?I says, ‘No we got married in a registry office‘. He says, Well that’s alright then.

“And I should have telt him to fuck off. I really should have. I had supported Rangers, as a boy and had an opportunity to play for Rangers. You’re prepared to take nonsense. I let myself down and I let wife down. That was the most important thing. She was a devout Catholic.”

The video was shared by prominent Celtic author Stephen O’Donnell who has written “Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers F.C.” and “Fergus McCann Versus David Murray: How Celtic Turned the Tables on Their Glasgow Rivals: And the Decline of Scottish Football”.

Ferguson was filming a documentary on his life when he dropped this bombshell and to be honest, it’s nothing new to most Celtic fans. The Ibrox club had an open anti Catholic signing policy and although they have made steps to address this over the last 30 years, more work needs to be done to eradicate sectarianism from Scottish Football.


  1. It’s a problem at CFC too, the hate I hear being spoken by fellow fans is embarrassing, I was brought up a protestant, I have family members in the Orange Lodge, I have supported CFC for over 55 years, and I must admit it really is a problem
    It’s OK to put down Rangers for sectarianism, but we have to do more to stop it in-house too

    1. Absolute rubbish Henk. When do Celtic fans sing anti Protestant or anti monarchy songs or wave FTQ flags at Celtic Park? Or maybe the Irish Tricolor is an ‘in-house problem’ in your eyes. Catch a grip.

      1. Again, if you don’t think Celtic have an issue in our fanbase then you are part of the problem. Stop with the whataboutery and then we can move forward

      2. Read the comment from ‘Henry’; ‘Protestant’ ‘Orange lodge’ ‘55’?? Has the penny dropped yet? The guy is on a windup. If you and him are part of the solution then I prefer to be part of the ‘problem’.

  2. Scottish football will never change especially when masons are running the corrupt sfa.spfl our football is in a right mess with Doncaster maxwell petrie McCrae running it they need removed everyone of them if our game has to move on and thats afact.

  3. This is old news. As hateful and as abhorrent as it is, it was included in Ferguson’s autobiography in 1999. The ‘director’, (if he ever existed, coming from Fergie) is probably long dead like the old R*****s and can’t respond.

      1. Apologies. But I think that oul Henry is a windup merchant. The terms Protestant, Orange lodge and 55 in his comment give the game away.

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