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“I look at the Ange appointment as as the ultimate proof Lawwell should never be near a position of executive authority at Celtic” – Incoming Chairman blasted for taking a ‘wild, crazy speculative gamble on our club.”

There is one thing you cannot levy at James Forrest and that is that he is not afraid to speak his mind.

A hugely successful blogger, my dear friend has built The Celtic Blog to become one of the most respected fan sites out there when it comes to analysing how our club is run.

He also loves to put the boot into Sevco as well and a guy like that is always a good one in my book.

But it was James’ take on the hiring of Ange Postecoglou that really hit home.

Now, it’s worth remembering that this take is not a slant on Ange. Not one single bit, but rather a critical analysis of our managerial recruitment under Peter Lawwell when he was the CEO.

Appearing on the Endless Celts podcast, Forrest said, “It’s his managerial selection record that terrifies me. It really does. Lennon twice. Ronny Delia, Brendan Rodgers and Ange.

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Lennon should never have got the job. I think everyone universally agrees on that. He was never qualified for it. He was never the right personality type. Especially the second time.

There was more reasons not to give him it than there were reasons to give it to him. I cannot even comprehend what the thinking was behind it.

Ronny was supposed to come in as Lennon’s assistant and then when Lennon decided he wasn’t wearing it he chucked and hired Ronny anyway.

And Ange is the one that he’s getting the credit for right now.

I look at the Ange appointment as as the ultimate proof the Lawwell is a maniac and Lawwell should never be near a position of executive authority at Celtic.

Ange has worked beyond our wildest dreams. But if the board had known the guy Ange was and the candidate Ange was, we would never have wasted time on Eddie Howe.

So I believe Ange was nothing but a last ditch person in the contacts book. A panicked, left field appointment where we did not know we were getting. We did not properly understand what we were doing.

We did it because time was running out and it had to be done. The people who congratulated Lawwell for that, should think about it this way.

If you and your other half were in Vegas, and you walked up and found her at the card table betting the mortgage and the kids f**kin tuition fees and everything else on the last card in a Texas Hold’em hand and that card came up, you might feel relieved and even elated and hug her but you would divorce her, or shortly, thereafter forever for taking a chance like that in the first place.

And you certainly would never let her near stuff like that again.

So I can’t believe he’s been congratulated for that because to me, that’s insane.

That guy took a wild, crazy speculative gamble on our club.”

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