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“I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come” – Blue on Blue as Dave King calls for boardroom change. What a job Ange is doing

Fall like a deck of cards. That’s the phrase the man from South Africa said wasn’t it?

Win a title and the club will collapse. Well the first part happened, albeit it was a title that no one got to witness in stadiums but, I suppose, it still happened.

As for the club collapsing? That only made us angry. It shook up the boardroom and made them look at quality managerial candidates.

Admittedly, Eddie Howe was supposed to be that man, but Ange Postecoglou has just shown just how much quality he has.

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The Celtic manager has single handedly destroyed Rangers in the dugout and is now causing mutiny in the Ibrox boardroom.

As ever when the chips are down, Dave King crawls out from under his rock and I just love it.

King is calling for change at Ibrox, from the top down, and it’s borne out of fear that Celtic will dominate for years to come.

As reported by the Daily Record, King said, “What I would say is I’m not voting for that [the reappointment of the current chairman]. The situation is recoverable.

“I think we can be back winning the title, but the way things are going at the moment, unless changes are made to the leadership of the board and the executive of the club, I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come.”

What King doesn’t realise is that his club has been stagnating for 10 years. Ever since they were re-established as Sevco, they have watched Celtic mop up domestically and dominate financially.

And more is yet to come.

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