“I don’t think there’s a conspiracy” – John Hartson slaps down daft Sevco supporters Celtic COVID theory

It’s been the theme for the day hasn’t it? Celtic try to ensure fans of all clubs don’t get locked out of their grounds and lead a movement to get the winter break brought forward because of the COVIS crisis and fans from the other side of the city shout conspiracy.

It is genuinely pathetic.

So pathetic, in fact, that a Rangers fan had the brass neck to call The Go Radio Football Show to take that point to John Hartson.

“Derek” from Larkhall (probably) said, “Do you think Celtic would be asking for a postponement or the winter break to be brought forward if the game was at Ibrox and had a fully fit squad? Do you think Celtic have self interest there?”

Big Hartson was having none of it and slapped him down perfectly, “I think Celtic will be looking forward to play in Rangers on the second with a full house.

I think the the game is looking like it’s going to be a fantastic occasion. It was obviously before they called the crowd.

Only 500 fans are allowed in the stadium. It wouldn’t really affect Rangers anyway because no Rangers fans would be in the stadium.

But what what I’m saying is, I just feel that because of the situation I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. I don’t think Celtic are trying to do anything untoward in terms of you know, in terms of changing the fixture or looking to bring the winter break forward or whatever.

For me, it’s just a case of these are unprecedented times we go back into.

We are led by Nicola Sturgeon and the government and I just think that that for me, I think Celtic would be genuinely looking forward to playing Rangers with the form.

One defeat in 16 and it was turning into a game that everybody was looking forward to.”

These guys will use anything to point score against Celtic and I am just glad Derek got John in no mood to deal with any nonsense.

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