“I do have a colleague down in Newcastle” – Stephen McGowan on Gerrard

The Gerrard to Newcastle rumour was one that was instantly suggested as soon as the Saudi takeover of the Toon Army was confirmed.

Overnight, the sleeping giant of the EPL instantly became the richest club in the world and straight away, the rumours of who will become the new boss of that much wealth began.

As soon as the Gerrard rumour started, I thought it was the usual Scottish media playing to the masses but as the rumour gathered pace, many *Rangers fans were worried that they could ultimately lose their manager before the end of the season.

Addressing the rumour, Stephen McGowan appeared on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, and gave an update from what he knew from a colleague he has close to the takeover in Newcastle, “I do have a colleague down in Newcastle who sat in a hotel with Amanda Stavely, and he knew they were drawing up a shortlist.

He didn’t know if Steven Gerrard was on it, but it wasn’t ruled out.

I don’t think it’s so outrageous to suggest he might be on it. I mean, i think there are some assumptions with regards to Steven Gerrard and Rangers.

First up is the only club he will ever leave Rangers for is Liverpool.

Second, he’ll only go when Jurgen Klopp decides time is up, and last is he won’t go into another English club. I think these are most dangerous assumptions.

But I don’t see any sign of Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool until his contract is up in 2024 anyway. So if you are Steven Gerrard you say, ‘Ok, I’m not getting the transfer funds In necessarily want. Or do I stick around here to keep winning trophies and qualify for Europe and qualify for the Champions League with Rangers? Do I take a chance when it comes to managing down in England?

And I think if Newcastle United are going to be a PSG or a Manchester City, it is a really hard one to say no to. If it comes along.”

So there is absolutely nothing in it then except rumour and conjecture. Just as I thought.

I mean, would the Saudi’s REALLY trust their millions in the hands of a man that spent £40m in Scotland with just one trophy to show for it?

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2 thoughts on ““I do have a colleague down in Newcastle” – Stephen McGowan on Gerrard”

  1. I don’t get this article. This is supposed to be a Celtic page yet it sounds like you are cheer leading for Gerrard to stay as The Rangers manager. If he leaves The Rangers, be it for Newcastle or any other money pot down south, or elsewhere, any sort of upheaval at Ibrox is good for Celtic. This idea that he wouldn’t leave Ibrox for anywhere else but Liverpool is nonsense, if Newcastle come calling he will be out of Ibrox faster than That Snake Rodgers was out of Celtic Park. And thats only a good thing for Celtic because any sort of disturbance to their club right now is a good thing for us, so I don’t get why you would be hoping that he stays in Govan?

    1. Hi Ciaron, please show me EXACTLY where in the article I have said I hope Gerrard stays at Rangers? Plus this blog is about Celtic AND Scottish football and as far as I’m aware *Rangers are part of that?

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