“I can’t understand Alex’s point” – Listen to Alex Rae being handed one by brilliant Celtic fan caller on Kyogo debate

Alex Rae hasn’t had a good week has he?

First off, he was handed one for his replies on twitter during the week and, secondly, he is simply clueless when it comes to anything Celtic related.

Well on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, he was challenged by a Celtic fan who challenged Rae’s point that Kyogo goes down too easily with a brilliant scenario that left the former Rangers man bamboozled.

Now, the audio is four minutes long, but it is worth a listen.

As Rae bumbled about talking about his Hibs mate on a group chat, he missed the basic premise of the callers point.

Well he either missed it, or he was too blinkered to understand it, so he decided to go down the route of “he looks like he was shot” which is just lazy and to be honest, pandering to the twitter idiots that jumped onto this ridiculous narrative.

I wrote today that Rae should keep his powder dry when it comes to discussing Celtic but I am a realist. I know that can’t happen due to the business he is in.

But surely to God he can at least get the basic facts right before spouting an opinion on a national broadcaster?

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