“I call him every name under the sun” – Sutton recalls the ‘lie down’ interview

Every Celtic fan remembers the season we lost the league on the final day of the season in 2003.

Celtic went to Kilmarnock and won 4-0 and Rangers defeated Dunfermline 6-1 to edge the league title by a single goal.

What happened after that was carnage.

Sutton went to do Celtic’s post match interview after the Killie game, and revealed on Open Goal, he has no regrets at claiming Dunfermline lay down that day to help Rangers to the title, “I said what everybody was feeling. What a bunch of arseholes I was playing with.

Because after the game everybody’s saying it in the dressing room I get wheeled out for the interview.

And the referee was Kenny Clark. So I’m waiting to do the interview, I call him every name under the sun. Kenny Clark, he’s coming back from the warm down, and he sends me off. So there’s a red card, and I’m still waiting to do the interview when he comes back in from his warm down and I call him every name under the sun again. So he gives me another red card.

Then I do the interview said I was reflecting what the feeling was in the dressing room was because that was the feeling.

Do I regret saying it? At the time I said what, what I thought. And then I got myself into a shitload of trouble after.

Legal actions and people calling up and I knew I’d be alright because I had the backing of all the guys in the dressing room. Not a f*cking jot. We didn’t say that.

It was, it was what it was. Do I have to say sorry? I probably shouldn’t have said it but that’s the way I felt. You know how fired up you can be at the end of games.

When bad things happen and you’re not quite thinking clearly or you are thinking clearly, but it’s the way you feel and that’s the way that’s the way I felt.

Do I regret it? Probably for all the legal threats I got. But not what I said at the time.”

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One thought on ““I call him every name under the sun” – Sutton recalls the ‘lie down’ interview”

  1. I was there that day and the only ticket I got get was right behind the dugouts. Honestly you’d’ve thought Kilmarnock had won a cup by the reaction of their backroom staff. They were an absolute disgrace consideringtheyjust got humped. I’ll give him his due, Durrant was the only one on the touchline actually paying any attention to the game in front of him – in hindsight probably through nerves – but to a man every single man in that Kilmarnock dugout was huddled round a radio cheering and gesticulating to the Celtic support as the game at Ibrox unfolded. An absolute disgrace.

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