Statue at Ibrox

“I am greeting man! This is their AGM!”, “I thought question 1 was a joke!” – Celtic AND Sevco fans rinse AGM fan Q&A

I could probably get a whole days worth of content out of this if I am lucky.

Regular readers know I love ripping it out of the club from Ibrox that calls itself Rangers and today is a special day.

Today is their AGM.

A chance for their fans to ask the hard hitting questions.

Like, why did we still make a loss after record turnover?

Or, why is Mike Ashley still bleeding the club dry?

Why has it taken the club 10 years to become self sufficient?

Or even something simple. Why has the manager not been given money?

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Questions that fans want answers to right?

Not this fan. This fan got his priorities right. With Christmas coming up and the cost of living crisis, this fan asked:

Absolutely outstanding.

The priorities are bang on for these idiots and they deserve every single bit of this rinsing they deserve:

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