‘Hypocrite’, ‘Is he a qualified doctor now?’ – Gerrard slated on Twitter for Sky interview

The Tackle that never was? Or was it a tackle that could have been?

I’ll admit I ever saw it at the time it was made but listening to the radio commentary, when I finally got the chance to look at it I was expecting the most horrific challenge I had ever seen.

I’m talking studs through the shin sort of tackle. Or Aribo’s ankle being surgically removed by the heal of Porteous size nines.

It was neither. And I have to say I more than raised my eyebrows when I saw the actual tackle itself. Sure it was quick and hard, but an automatic red? Not in my eyes.

These challenges however, are but Gerrard was oddly silent on these last season?

Now this isn’t me looking at it through Celtic green goggles. People that know me know I am fair in my opinions. I understand the rule about reckless and dangerous play, but for me, never a red.

However, Steven Gerrard did and he slaughtered Ryan Porteous in his interview with Sky Sports when he said, “It is a wild tackle – a leg-breaking tackle. It is the second time he’s done it against us – the kid is obviously not learning.

Quite a large portion of Twitter did not react well to his comments and branded Gerrard a ‘hypocrite’ as he, which he also admitted in the same interview, was responsible for a few wild tackles himself.

One thought on “‘Hypocrite’, ‘Is he a qualified doctor now?’ – Gerrard slated on Twitter for Sky interview”

  1. What was it that he said again about the high tackle by Roofe on a goalie’s head that fractured his skull?
    Gerard is a total hypocrite and a person who appears to have no principles. It is difficult to have any respect for someone like him.

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