Hungarian press make interesting Messi and Ronaldo comment on Celtic’s Ultras

This was a comment that caught my eye.

There has been much made about the size of Celtic’s crowd on Tuesday afternoon.

Any stadium that can attract over 50,000 fans at 330pm on a Tuesday afternoon should be commended, and quite rightly, Celtic’s fans were.

But not only were the Scottish press impressed with the attendance, so where the Hungarians.

As reported by Celts Are Here, Hungarian media outlet, Nemzeti, not only commented on the crowd size but also commended the Green Brigade, for the atmosphere they created, “The arena, famous for its unique atmosphere, is a great sight even when empty, but like this, spiced by the Celtic ultras, it’s even more impressive.”

“It’s no coincidence Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also said that Celtic Park has a captivating atmosphere, with more than fifty thousand Scots with their backs to the field, singing and bouncing.

Local journalists have become accustomed to this, but even they stopped writing for a few moments.

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It truly was a special crowd and a special atmosphere and it is little wonder the Celtic players commented that they were inspired to the win by the almost full capacity crowd.

It is clear that a full Celtic Park is something the team missed last season and it seems this could be a vital ingredient if Celtic are to have any kind of success this season.

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