Hugh Keevins Unites The Glasgow Divide With One Daft Tweet

Hugh Keevins is a popular figure amongst the Celtic support. By that I mean he is very well disliked for his punditry and his constant slights against the club.

I can’t say for sure how the blue half of Glasgow find the man but after his latest tweet, I think it is fair to say that he sits on a par of popularity on the same level as Celtic fans.

As both Glasgow clubs got through their respective Europa League qualification ties, albeit Celtic under fire for most of their game and with Rangers struggling, but sill managing to see off Alashkert, there was no congratulatory message from Mr Keevins.

Having two Scottish clubs in the group stages of European competition for the fourth year in a trot should be lauded, not derided, but then it is Keevins so what do we really expect?

Taking to Twitter, Keevins said, “I have never seen two such inept displays of football that were so rewarding for Celtic and Rangers in Europe. Serious time now, though.

And it is fair to say that didn’t go down too well. With both sets of fans.

We’ll forgive this guy’s use of the *ld *irm term just for the purpose of context here!

You would have thought Hugh would have learned after his unfortunate comments during the week on the Kyogo racism row, but no. He goes at it again.

But back to the football, Keevins showed no positivity for the amount of exposure both clubs give to our game and no inclination to give either Celtic or *Rangers any credit for upholding the Scottish games standing in Europe.

Unsurprising really.

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