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Hugh Keevins reveals how many times Ange was interviewed by Spurs; Celtic fans will be raging

Look, I know I should let this go. I know I should move on and try to forget about Ange Postecoglou now that he is the Spurs manager, but after all the former Celtic manager told us prior to him joining the London club, when things like this come out, it angers me.

It angers me because when Ange spoke, the Celtic support listened. And we believed him. We trusted that everything he was telling us about the Spurs speculation prior to the Cup final was gospel.

‘My agents wouldn’t dare ask me’ he said about the links to Spurs prior to the biggest game of the season. And you know why the agents didn’t ask him? Because Ange already knew what was going on.

That’s according to Hugh Keevins. The journalist revealed just how many times Ange was allegedly interviewed by the EPL before he took the job.

Keevins said [Clyde 1Superscoreboard], “Anyone who thinks that that the business [with Spurs] began after half past seven Saturday night, lives in cloud Cuckooland.

“There are suggestions that Ange Postecoglou was interviewed twice by Tottenham. TWICE before he took the job. So good luck to him.

“He was a fantastic manager for Celtic. He grabbed Scottish Football by the neck and he didn’t let it go. After six games. three wins, three losses, he got Scottish football and thereafter he was unstoppable. So Ange Postecoglou will forever be a part of Celtics history.

“You know, he knew plenty about Spurs and what was happening before the cup final was played. But it’s not the Celtic board’s job to come out before the cup final and say, ‘Incidentally, the manager will be leaving’.

“If that had happened they would have been accused of sabotaging the club before the cup final.”

This is a major slap in the face for the Hoops support. I wrote about just how hollow Ange’s tribute to the Celtic support seemed now after he left Celtic 48 hours after creating history.

This reveal doesn’t make it hollow now, it renders it redundant. And after his speech to the Spurs fans yesterday, it seems like the Australian has the same lines drawn up to whichever club suits the situation.