Main stand at Celtic Park

By slapping down the Union Bears Beal banner, Hugh Keevins makes an hilarious live radio liquidation faux pas

I’m going to guess Keevins never knew what he was saying as he was saying it.

Because if he did, he would have stopped himself mid-sentence and revisited this statement he made against the Rangers fans.

The ever reliable liquidation denier was in full flow as he gave comment on the ridiculous (and embarrassing) Union Bears banner:

Passing comment on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “It is childish. Leave it alone.

The man did the right thing against Partick Thistle He protected Malik Tillman and he upheld Rangers’ name at the same time.

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If this is been regarded as the sort of thing Rangers fans don’t want to see, then what do they want to see?

Do they want to see cheating? Do they want to see win all costs?

Do they want to see never mind the club’s image, just get over the line.?

He’s in the right, they’re in the wrong.”

Does this remind you of something that happened pre-2012 that causes a certain club to go into admistration, liquidation and then die?

I’ll answer those three questions for you anyway Hugh. Yes, yes and yes.

They do not care worth a jot about sporting integrity. They do not care who they hurt along the way.

The way the Ibrox crowd reacted during the Partick Thistle goal and the subsequest calls for Beale’s head from his own fans afterwards tells you they do want to win at all costs.

The old club proved it when they died and this new b*st*ardization of that club has picked that baton and ran with it since.

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