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Hugh Keevins pre match Glasgow Derby article is looking rather foolish now

He tried his best. Bless him.

The enigmatic journalist/pundit tried to take the heat off the referee and VAR prior to the Glasgow Derby on Monday but in retrospect, he only just highlighted what we already knew before the game kicked off.

VAR was always going to have a material influence over the game at Ibrox.

In his column in the Daily Record, Keevins denounced Celtic fans fears of the new refereeing technology as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Like his journalism and punditry, it’s a lazy argument to make considering the amount of evidence of a refereeing fraternity either struggling to make the new technology work or they are knowingly using it to help disadvantage our club.

I’ll let you decide which.

Keevins also claimed he had (prior to the game) no time for ‘wacky VAR theories’. What does he say now?

What does he say to the clear handball by Connor Goldson and the the obvious theatrics and play acting of Fashion Sakala to win that penalty against Carl Starfelt?

Both incidents, if VAR was used correctly, would or should have been dealt with correctly. But they weren’t.

So what does Hugh say now? Probably the same as the rest of the pundits in Scotland.

Nothing, with their heads buried in the sand.

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