Hugh Keevins Attacks Hoops Players On Derby Day. Has He Learned Nothing From The Past Week?

It’s the day of the big Glasgow Derby as Celtic face *Rangers in the first clash of the season between the big two.

In what should be an exciting build up as the fans gear up to Ange Postecoglou’s first taste of this unique head to head, you would like to think that in a week were both clubs qualified for European group stage football, the press headlines would be positive in the run up to the game.

Think again.

Hugh Keevins, this morning, has clearly learned nothing from the past week.

Lambasted by the Aussie press for his damning summation of Ange Postecoglou and his unfortunate comments regarding racism, you would think, on this morning of all mornings, Keevins would keep his head down and let the dust settle.

Instead, he chose to take another swing at Celtic, their route to European group stage football, Angeball and in particular, Carl Starfelt and Joe Hart.

In his weekly column, Keevins said of both clubs European performances, “The only thing more pathetic than Celtic’s attempts at defence against AZ Alkmaar on Thursday were Rangers’ attempts at
goalscoring against Alashkert in Armenia earlier in the day.

Which I could understand if none progressed on Thursday night, but both did. Albeit it, it was a tough watch, but they are there all the same.

Then comes a rant where, to use one of Hugh’s phrases, Keevins takes a ‘scattergun’ to the club, the manager’s playing philosophies and the players, “If “Angeball” is fundamentally a belief that attack is the best form of defence then everyday efficient defenders become a prerequisite.

“If you don’t have any then you have to compromise your principles and make concessions in the interests of common sense, otherwise arrogance gets in the way of ambition. Celtic’s football is expansive, but the mistakes are expensive.

“It is not thrill-a-minute stuff. It is asking for trouble. You can’t go out swinging, as the manager puts it, if you have a glass jaw.

“Joe Hart’s display in midweek hinted at a keeper who now has to prove he hasn’t arrived at Celtic too late in his career.

“Carl Starfelt is a dangerously underachieving defender and, if you take the first letter from each of those three words and put them together, you’ll get a harsher summary of his capabilities.

Wow. So in summation, Postecoglou is arrogant if he does’t adapt a playing style he has stuck by all his career. Joe Hart (after all he has achieved in his career) needs to prove he is worthy of the Celtic jersey and Keevins make up another silly acronym for a a player who is just settling into a new club and country.

This reminds me of the type of media abuse Shane Duffy and Ronny Deila received.

The similarities are startling.

2 thoughts on “Hugh Keevins Attacks Hoops Players On Derby Day. Has He Learned Nothing From The Past Week?”

  1. This senile old fool of a man should be retired but like most of the Scottish media dinosaurs of the past, they hang on to squeeze the last few £ out of their pathetic little carrers.

  2. Hugh the pipe and slippers is well overdue, what a pathetic attempt to remain relevant Fail Fail Fail

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