Hugh Keevins and The Sun brazenly target ‘paranoid’ Celtic fans in Porteous argument

This will be the last piece I do on this subject (unless Porteous’ red card is overturned today) but I feel this needs to be addressed.

Over the course of the last few days, there has been a narrative that Hugh Keevins has spoken about on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and The Scottish S*n also covered in a bold article involving Michael Stewarts take on the Ryan Porteous red card.

The headline on that particular article said, “ARMS & LEGS’ Celtic fans’ conspiracy theories over Porteous red in Rangers game shot down by Stewart as ‘deeper issues’ dismissed.”

Except nowhere in that article did Stewart mention the Celtic fans at all, never mind the BBC man apparently ‘shooting down’ any conspiracy theory.

A shocking piece of click bait garbage that, unfortunately, Celtic fans have become accustomed to.

And then there was Hugh Keevins speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

Hugh was having none of the the arguments against the red card, which is strange considering it took him a full 24 hours to make up his own mind and then he made this wild accusation about the Celtic fans, “We have to cut to the chase.

Celtic supporters believe that Rangers are favouritised these days by referees in this country.

And that referees go out of their way, if Rangers are in a bit of bother, the referee allegedly sent Porteous off yesterday because Rangers were a goal down and needed a helping hand.

That’s the narrative.”

That’s not a narrative Hugh. THAT’S an agenda. Driven by you and your newspaper colleagues in the hope to halt those flailing readership numbers.

It’s not just Celtic fans that have issues with the refereeing standards in this country. EVERY SINGLE FOOTBALL FAN DOES.

I mean was it not just three seasons ago that *Rangers boss, Steven Gerrard, claimed, “It’s not just today [decisions against Rangers] , it’s been happening for a while. It’s been happening for a good while. I believe it’s been happening for seasons. That’s my opinion, just my opinion.

THAT’S the narrative.

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One thought on “Hugh Keevins and The Sun brazenly target ‘paranoid’ Celtic fans in Porteous argument”

  1. Typical Keevins shitstirer makes up his own agenda
    to suit his article,souptaker for radio Clyde and scoreboard should be completely banned from celtic park for games and media meetings loves sound of his own voice Arsehole

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