“Horrible damaged person”, “Scum” – Celtic fans react to yet another Sevco death troll

This morning I wrote about a deranged Sevco fan and his disgusting claim that Celtic have used the dead as a tool to get historical games cancelled. You can read about that here.

There must be something in the water today as a second well known troll made yet another claim as Celtic, along with another ten SPFL clubs lead the way in calls to bring the winter break forward so as to avoid another fan lock out of games.

Now I get how this social media platform works. I do. I have been on it for years and whilst the majority of people treat it as it should be, a means of escape from real life, many do take their comments too far, especially during dark times like a pandemic.

This account thought it would be funny to tweet this:

I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that 85 people liked this or that he actually thought about what he was saying before he tweeted it.

One of the replies were not much better as they thought it funny to joke about the passing of Bertie Auld.

But the Hoops fans were onto it quick and let this guy know exactly what they thought of him:

Like I have said before, there is no more creepier or deranged fanbase on this social media platform than those from the Govan branch.

It is no wonder the majority of Scottish football fans despise them.

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