“His piece was a disgrace” – Dundee ‘source’ on Boyd ban

If you’ve not seen the Kris Boyd piece about Leigh Griffiths then don’t waste your time reading it.

Instead, read the summation of it here and then you will understand why he is facing a ban from Dens Park by the Dundee chiefs.

It was a hatchet job of epic proportions on the on loan Celtic striker on the day he was about to face Rangers and the first two lines of the piece was tantamount to dark insinuations, “KARMA has a way of catching up with people.

Leigh Griffiths is about to find that out the hard way at Dens Park.

According to The Glasgow Times print edition on the back page, writer Ewan Paton, claims that Dundee have contacted Sky Sports to tell them that the former Rangers striker is no longer welcome at the ground after the Tayside club are said to be furious at the ‘disgraceful’ article written about their striker.

Paton says a Dens Park source told him, “His piece was a disgrace so it wouldn’t be a surprise if we denied him access next time.”

It’s not the first time Boyd has courted controversy and my good friend James Forrest at The Celtic Blog describes him beautifully in his piece about the banning, “Boyd is a professional troll and cheerleader for Ibrox.

He should be viewed in that light.

He should be treated that way.

No club in this country should be credentialing him on the basis of his work. It doesn’t meet the standards of a school paper far less a national broadcaster.

People should stop treating Boyd like a serious media personality, he is very far from that.

And he is 100% correct. Boyd is incapable of showing any impartiality when working in a professional capacity. He simply cannot hide his colours when speaking about football in any capacity and his soul aim is to shock and piss people off.

But this time, with Griffiths, he took it a step too far.

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