Hilarious pundit’s reactions to Morelos bingo!

Alfredo Morelos is leaving Rangers.

Definitely. Maybe. No he definitely is. We just don’t know where. Don’t know when.

As El Buffalo continues to be linked with a $1b move to just about every club across Europe and beyond, the transfer conversation about the *Rangers front man seems to be now taking it’s toll on radio pundits.

Speaking on Go Radio, Paul Cooney was discussing Morelos and an Ibrox supporter who was lamenting the continued speculation regarding their troublesome striker when Cooney just came out with an impromptu outburst live on radio that he may later regret, “We had a Rangers fan on earlier and he was talking about Morelos and saying, ‘You know, maybe he wants to go somewhere bigger or whatever.’

Rangers fans must be fed up hearing all this chat.

Get the shirt on, get out there, lose a bit of weight and show us what you can do.”

Stunning piece of observation there from Cooney and clearly he has had enough of the Colombian’s will he won’t he move to Real Madrid or PSG stories.

Interestingly, and amazingly unmoved at Cooney’s frankness, Provan agreed wholeheartedly as he said, “I think you’re 100% right. 100% right.”

This reaction pretty sums up the mood of the Scottish football fans.

Every transfer window we get the Morelos transfer story rammed down our throats. End every transfer window ends up the same.

He stays and then we have to put up with the same inane nonsense all over again.

Fingers crossed the January window is kind to us all and we are eventually put out of our collective miseries.

One thought on “Hilarious pundit’s reactions to Morelos bingo!”

  1. I hopehe never gets a move and leaves on a free at the end of his contract. The humiliation for them and their media lackeys would be a fine momebt for some jelly and ice cream…

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