“He’s older than yours” – Morelos bingo triggers Hearts fan liquidation jibe

Just a matter of time really isn’t it?

The moment Celtic released the details of their three Japanese signings we had headlines of Hagi’s £20m ‘release’ clause, even though the person interviewed did actually say that they had no clue as to what the actual figure was.

Now we have Morelos. Again. The subject of a ‘possible’ £20m from England. Again.

The clubs involved? Newcastle with their mega squillions and Brendan Rodgers Celtic. I mean the content is so lazy and clickbaity (is that even a word?) it just smacks of lamb of the succulent kind.

However, the Morelos story drew the ire of the Scottish football support and in particular, this Hearts fan:

And he is 100% on the money here. Ever since the Colombian joined them he has been touted every single transfer window for big money moves as the club leaks money. Not one bid has come in of any note in the four years Alfie has been diving around Scottish football.

Not one. No matter what the Scottish press try and tell you.

This comment triggered the blue half of twitter (as you can see) and it drew this response:

And he even managed to trigger one fan so much that he dug out an article from 1905 to try an prove a point, but it missed one key ingredient:

Silly bears!

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