“He’s got the ear of the board” – Aussie journalist believes Ange will not walk

With all the goings on at Celtic Park and the apparent lack of structure(s) at the club, there is a concern amongst some factions of the Celtic fan media and the supporters that Ange Postecoglou will walk away if things aren’t going his way or if he gets disillusioned at how the club is run.

Not so says Vince Rugari of the Sydney Morning Herald. Speaking to The Celtic Exchange Podcast, Rugari was asked by the boys if Ange would walk if the club didn’t match his ambitions, “Depends. I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever he’s gonna walk away from this.

Because I think he’s got the ear of the board and the trust of the people in the club to take them forward.

If things were to capitulate to such a level that he didn’t think he could produce winning football teams, then maybe he would walk away.

But I just I just don’t think that’s in his makeup.

I think he’s the kind of manager who wants to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in and go to work and there would have to be a really, really good reason for him to quit.

He’s a guy who’s in it for the long haul.

You hear the way he talks about the club and what he wants to do here and is not shying away from it.

Postecoglou certainly is a man of principles and he must have had assurances from the board that he has their backing to rebuild the club and it certainly seems that Postecoglou will be here for the forseeable.

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