“He’s allowed to get away with one excuse after another” – Postecoglou blasted tells you one thing. They are worried!

This was one caller that was speaking without a single hint of self awareness on last nights Go Radio Football Show.

It’s the type of call that makes you wish they would stop because you feel bad for them, but also don’t want them to stop because it so hilariously stupid, you want to see where it ends.

I’m not sure if there’s a listening equivalent of “rubber necking” but if there was, this is it.

This *Rangers fans called the show to complain about the easy ride the Celtic gaffer is seemingly getting and then claimed that when Gerrard took over the job at Ibrox, he was put under pressure straight away, “I think it’s been clear two months into the season, it’s been quite clear to me that Postecoglou at Celtic is going to get a free pass.

I think every time Celtic have lost he’s not been really given a hard time.

He’s allowed to get away with one excuse after another. How many Old F*rm managers get to start a season playing six away games, losing five and not really be under too much pressure?

That seems ridiculous to me. When Steven Gerrard came in he inherited a bang average Rangers side at best and had to change a lot, he was under pressure immediately and if had went six away games winning only one of them he would have been under pressure straight away.

And the guy was serious. Not withstanding the fact that Gerrard got away with almost three seasons without a single trophy, not a single domestic cup won and having to watch Celtic clean up everything in front of him, if anything. Gerrard has been one of the most fawned after managers by their own support AND the press in recent memory.

But it does tell you one thing. As they lurch from one poor performance to the next and as Celtic become more and more dominant on the park, they are worried.

And well they should be!

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2 thoughts on ““He’s allowed to get away with one excuse after another” – Postecoglou blasted tells you one thing. They are worried!”

  1. As I’ve said before if it’s a negative story about “the rangers” it’s printed spoke about NO opinions sought or given story dies. A negative story about Celtic sometimes not even true stories opinion s sought and given and the story runs and runs . As an example the Sutton/Lennon situation is the latest to be given the SMSM treatment

  2. The reason ange has not come in for criticism so far is because we new the team needed re building but this so called glorious in defeat excuse is slowly running out, we have only played 4 decent teams and failed to beat any of them, he needs to think of a plan B when things are going wrong like every other top manager.

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