Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“Here’s a big picture” – Hugh Keevins rejects Celtic refereeing conspiracy with the same tired argument

Celtic fans have long held the belief that the SFA and the referees are out to get our club.

In fact, they have both been found guilty of lying about certain events in the past that lends weight to that argument.

Remember the ref that lied about giving us a penalty at Dundee United? Or Jim Farry holding back Jorge Cadet’s registration papers so he would miss a game against them?

Yeah, we all do. We also all know that there are current serving refs that have a well known reputation for supporting the team in blue AND working for them in a coaching capacity but, of course, there is no bias or agenda in the game.

None whatsoever.

So when confronted with the conspiracy argument by a Celtic fan who cited the recent VAR decisions that have gone against our club, Keevins rejected the notion that the game could be bent by saying this on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, “You said there was I a big picture guy. Here’s a big picture.

If there was a conspiracy against Celtic, they are the only team and will probably remain the only team ever to win a Quadruple Treble.

If people are conspiring against them, they are doing a shocking job of it.”

No Hugh, Celtic won those Trebles despite those referee’s and their ‘honest mistakes’.

In the words of the famous Jock Stein, ‘If we are good enough, then the referee doesn’t matter.’

This type on non critical thinking by people in the media is why the Celtic fans simply do not trust them.

They glibly toe the party line. They did it when we warned them that Rangers were going to die and they do the same when we tell them about the referees.

It’s little wonder journalism is this country is dead.

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