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Hearts supporting journalist takes bitter swipe at Celtic

I find these kinds of journalists embarrassing.

First off, the hacks are meant to be impartial. They are meant to present the news to their readership with balance so that they can make an informed opinion of the facts and figures that put in front of them.

Not with Scottish journalists though. Our journalists love sensationalism. They love clickbait headlines to encourage rage clicks rather than trying to present a coherent argument and some of these journalists even do this on Twitter.

Those like Ewan Murray. This ‘golf correspondent’ regularly tweets absolute nonsense about Celtic and the fans and yesterday was no different.

I’m serious when I ask this. What was the point of this? A tweet to highlight the prices of the Falkirk v Inverness semi prices and then a dig at our club using a term he knows will attract the attention he craves.

Of course, Murray knows that the prices are set due to demand. It never seems to be a problem when it’s league duty and now that his Hearts team are pumped out of the competition for their mediocre display at Tynecastle, I suppose he needs to get his anger out somehow.

But I’ll leave the last word to this Celtic who basically clamped the recent journalist narrative that somehow Celtic’s budget is an issue in the Scottish game:

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