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Heart & Hands coverage of the final Sevco AGM COVID question did not do it justice. Here is the video

This is the final one on the *Rangers AGM (maybe). But I think it’s the best one.

Because at least this guy put a bit of thought into it. At least this guy took his moment, prepared a question and then was told to get to f***!

Well, not in so many words. But you’ll get the drift in a wee minute.

Heart & Hand were reporting directly from the AGM and tweeted the final question out:

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Apart from the shocking spelling, it is a ridiculous question to ask. But like I said, you just don’t get the proper STAUNCH feeling from the tweet than you do from the video.

Watch this:

‘Gies that microphone ya clown’ as he was ushered out the AGM with men in suits, brown brogues and Union Jack cardigans.

These people are genuinely from another planet. There are none like them.

Please. From all the Celtic fans around the globe, never change.

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