“Heads have to roll” – The Celtic community react to Dom McKay’s departure

You know the one thing I like about the Celtic blogging and media family? They are supporters. They will write what they are feeling or thinking with professionalism but with the passion of a fan.

Those that are regular readers of this site know that it is committed to putting their opinions out there and to give, hopefully, some of the Celtic podcasters a bit more exposure to those that would maybe not have the ability to access them.

Which is why I love reading and listening to their pieces. It is pure, unadulterated and undiluted fan opinion with no agenda other than seeing the club progress.

Looking for information on the Dom McKay scenario, my first port of call was Celtic News Now. A brilliant site where you can get all these collective opinions on the happenings at the club. So what where they saying about Dom McKay’s departure?

James Forrest at The Celtic Blog, said quite simply but brilliantly put, “In any other corporate culture heads would roll at the very top of the house after a disaster like this, and this is a disaster following a disaster following a disaster, a constantly running shit-show which makes the Ibrox operation seem streamlined and efficient.

The Celtic Trust have raised misgivings with the corporate governance at Celtic when they posed questions which you can read here but their last line of their article is particularly alarming, “We continue to have concerns about the standard of corporate governance at Celtic PLC and will continue to raise these issues with the Board and with other shareholders and advisers.

Euan Davidson at 67 Hail Hail questioned the appointment and said, “Overall, it’s a mess. And Celtic are going to have to act quickly to put this fire out.

M Ross at Celts Are Here warn that the club need to look outwards for the next appointment and pointed to one man who seems to be the cause of this whole mess, “Now, we’re back to square one. Would season ticket sales have gone so smoothly if Celtic hired from within this summer and Nicholson took up the chief exec role after Lawwell stepped down?

“Peter’s fingerprints over the club would have been very transparent.

Whatever your take on the situation at the club, it is clear the Celtic blogging community are all over this and you can bet your last pound that they will push for answers and keep the pressure on the board.

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