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“He won’t be playing for us again” – Ronny Deila slaps down Sevco transfer target who seems very confused on his transfer situation

*Rangers new transfer ‘target’ is at the centre of a major fallout with former Celtic manager Ronny Deila.

Nicolas Raskin is the subject of intense speculation but it seems that the Ibrox club cannot afford the £1.5m fee quoted to them by Belgian side Standard Liege.

But it was the spectacular fallout between former Celtic manager Ronny Deila and the player that is grabbing the headlines (not the fact that the Ibrox offer fell way below £1.5m. Succulent lamb anyone?)

As reported by The Sun, Deila said, “If he accuses the club of a lack of respect, that’s his call.

“We wanted to build the team around him and I think the club did everything we could to keep him.

“He was given a significant financial incentive to stay but, in the end, it was not about money. He wanted to leave.

“Nicolas is a fantastic boy and a great player.

“It’s a shame what has happened but he won’t be playing for us again.”

The player, who seems really confused about the whole situation said: “It has been suggested it’s me who wants to end my time at Standard Liege. That is not correct.

“The club has decided to send me down to the B team, but my dispute with the current management goes beyond just my salary.

“I respect their decision but I regret them trying to make it a pay issue. That is not the case.

Can he not read? Deila actually said it wasn’t about the money so what the hell is he ranting about?

He’s an awfy angry wee fella. He will fit in well with the bears.

If they can afford him……..

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