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“He will be putting pressure on the lads” – Postecoglou doesn’t do friendlies says McGregor

I love this. I love the attitude that Ange Postecoglou has towards football and Celtic in particular.

And the way he instills this into the Celtic team.

Because, like Ange, the Celtic fans don’t do friendlies either.

I want us to take teams apart regardless if it’s the Champions League, Scottish League or on a tour. I want to Celtic win at everything.

Because all victories breed confidence and that is what this team is full of at the moment.

And this was summed up by Callum McGregor in his latest interview Down Under.

As reported by the Daily Record, McGregor said, “More of the same, we understand the way we want to play. I’m sure the gaffer will be keen for us to put on a good show coming back to his home country.

He will be putting pressure on the lads to make sure they are performing well. Good football, good intensity and want to have two victories as well.

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“These guys get up in the middle of the night to watch the games and this is an opportunity to see us live and it’s important we don’t disappoint. We show them the best of ourselves and put on a good show for them.”

I especially want us to take apart Everton. Any team from the EPL needs skelped to help put that league’s fans in their place.

Regardless if it’s a friendly or not.

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