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“He was a very angry *Rangers fan” – Listen to Sevco fan rant as Beale, Tav and McGregor get ripped into

Doesn’t take much to get the peepo from the sequel to rage does it?

The slightest mention of liquidation and they go absolutely tonto.

But this guy, he was angry for many other different reasons.

He was unhappy with the manager for his lack of transfer activity. He predicted a short Rangers career for Beale as well.

McGregor was told to hang up his boots and he labelled Tav as ‘atrocious’.

Have a listen:

Quite the rant from a very angry bear. It seems that the *Rangers support are really losing patience with their inactivity off the pitch and the team struggling on it.

Even today, with St Johnstone down to ten men for well over an hour, they only managed to capitalise on it by scoring one more goal in their 2-0 win.

I suppose if I was them and I was watching Ange Postecoglou’s team wipe the floor with the opposition and continue to add to the squad whilst raking in millions in transfer fees, I would get rather frustrated.

But that is what they do. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. For a support that has only seen their team win one league in ten years, they really need to take a hard dose of reality and remember this.

They will forever be, and always have been, in our shadow.

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