“He just throws himself to the ground” – Alex Rae is at it again with his anti Celtic analysis. Video proves him wrong

This guy gets right on my onions. it is perfectly clear that he has an inability to comment or analyse anything to do with Celtic impartially so it is little wonder Celtic fans have no time for him.

Alex Rae was speaking about Celtic’s 1-0 win over Motherwell at Celtic Park when he was commenting on the foul against Mikey Johnston which led to the Hoops eventual winner.

Rae made an unbelievable claim that not one pundit picked him up for, including former Celt Mark Wilson, when he questioned the validity of the free kick awarded.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Rae said, “Listen, it was of the ‘soft’ variety that there may well have been a slight push. We couldn’t quite tell from where it was.

It seemed as if he had already committed to go up to win the ball, Mikey Johnson, and then he just throws himself to the ground. So listen there may well have been contact.

We might get a better angle of it later on.

But as I said that the time you have to defend it. Everybody in the studio knew that it was going to be cut back to the edge of the box.

Because it’s so narrow where the free kick’s given and you have to say it was a fine finish by Tom Rogic.”

At what point did Johnston “throw himself to the ground’? When he was in mid air and nudged off the ball? That point?

The only thing soft about this is Rae’s analysis. It kills him to be impartial and why him and other former Rangers players are allowed national broadcasting status to spout their nonsense is beyond me.

3 thoughts on ““He just throws himself to the ground” – Alex Rae is at it again with his anti Celtic analysis. Video proves him wrong”

  1. Why are you even giving oxygen by mentioning him on your blog because him and Boyd and co are and never will be questioned by our so called board they drag our club through the gutter on a daily basis so that is ok bye our board unless I’m missing something. Free free to put this on your blog

  2. I come on to these sites to get away from all this rae/ keevins/ adams / walker / provan anti celtic bile + guess what

  3. Slow this down to 0.25 speed and Mikey is coming in watching the ball as he goes to head it the Defender raises his arm across mikey’s shoulder interfering in his plausible attempt to try head the ball , what kind of clowns for pundits have we got in Scotland , Biased to the core.

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