“He doesn’t want to stay at Celtic” – Pundit tips top Hoops departure soon

It’s not really a secret is it? With the much publicised public outburst of Kris Ajer in Norway’s media to his camp letting it he known that he isn’t happy at Celtic refusing bids from Norwich, Bayer Leverkusen and Brentford, the big central defender’s move just seems to be a story of not if, but when.

As reports circulate that Premiership new boys Brentford are about to offer £15m, one pundit reckons that Ajer is at the point where he is just desperate to move on.

Speaking to Football Insider, Allan Hutton says the deal will be done eventually, it’s just a matter of time, “My overall thinking of the whole thing is he’s desperate to go. He doesn’t want to stay at Celtic, from my point of view.

“Of course, Celtic want as much money as you can. That’s normal. That’s the business side of it.

“But if you’ve agreed a fee, the player wants to leave, it’s a lot of money we’re talking.

“Even if it’s £12-15million, if you can reinvest that in the squad, which they need to, that’s what’s more important.

“You get the player off the wages as well. I think it’s a deal that will get done eventually.

“Maybe they’re just trying to squeeze an extra couple of million out of Norwich or whoever it might be.

“I do think this is a transfer that will go through sooner rather than later.”

Ajer will clearly be hoping it’s sooner but move to Brentford? Really?

Maybe the big Norwegian has seen how moves to the relatively smaller clubs in England have benefited guys like Virgil Van Djik and Andy Robertson.

Maybe he’s hoping he can shine in one of the minnows to eventually earn his move to one of the top 6 clubs. Or maybe he’s just chasing the money instead of glory?

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