“Have Celtic Got Money To Spend?” – Barry Ferguson Embarassess Himself On Live Radio

There has been many claims made about Celtic this year by various pundits and to be honest, the majority (not all) of them have been spot on.

From the Eddie Howe debacle to the current crisis we find ourselves in with the first team squad, Celtic really do need to up their game if they are going to give Ange Postecoglou the best start possible to his Celtic career.

Ange, so far, has been very impressive in how he deals with the media and how he sees his vision of how he wants Celtic to play, but so far, the lack of cutting edge in the transfer market is hindering his progress.

Barry Ferguson is one such pundit and generally when I listen to him on The Go Radio Football Show, for a former *Rangers player, his views are quite balanced and fair.

I know that last comment will not go down well with the Celtic support, but those who are honest with themselves and listen to him regularly will agree. Until now.

Assessing Celtic’s chances to win back the league this season Ferguson says the Govan side are the clear favourites but did make a strange claim when speaking about Celtic’s dealings in the transfer window, “Quite a lot of business already done and people have agreed deals. They have not signed with clubs but virtually agreed with them.

“He is clearly frustrated and he has brought a few players in but he’s wanting another four or five, but it’s hard to do.

“Money, as well, have Celtic got the money to spend? They have brought £13.5million in for Ajer, which I think is brilliant business going into the final year of his contract, but Celtic are playing catch up.

“Rangers are clear favourites at this moment in time.

Ferguson must have been sleeping since January where Celtic have raked in the guts of £35m and more in transfer fees and are not required to sell players this window to keep the lights on, unlike the club formerly known as Rangers.

With almost £14m spent already this summer, the club have only just begun their spending spree. Let’s see what the rest of the window brings.

4 thoughts on ““Have Celtic Got Money To Spend?” – Barry Ferguson Embarassess Himself On Live Radio”

  1. Sorry, bhuddy, butt Ferguson has it right – at the minute. Whereas we’ve lost the likes of Ajer and probably Edouard shortly, not to mention Elyounoussi who was a brilliant loanee, the Ipox mob still have the guts of their squad. So like it or lump it, we’ll be playing catch up with the players we bring in for the new season.

  2. Celtic board are a disgrace letting a 9 year old club stop our 10inarow p.lawwell is just corrupt as his mates at the scum sfa we are a laughing stock and i blame the coward board just like every season they fail and buy shite p.lawwell do us all a favour and get tae fuck out of paradise.

  3. If Cetic has no money then the 9 year old club has even less. We mustn’t forget the Ibrox club has diluted it’s shares to no more concentrated than the urine running down the Govan Road. They are penniless. Revenue streams at both clubs are markedly different. Celtic routinely make more than Sevco season in and season out. Even on season book sales we have over 10,000 more than them annually. So I simply don’t buy the nonsense we have less money than them. It is they who chase us being 50 titles behind. Get the cash out and bring the 4 or 5 players in we need to restore the natural order.

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