Harry Brady reveals incredible Bankier/Dublin gaffe.

Yesterday’s AGM proved one thing, if all Celtic fans didn’t know about it already, is that the Celtic board are so out of touch with the fans they probably couldn’t recognise one if they were sitting slap bang in the middle of The North Curve.

Not that we needed confirmation of it, but prominent Celtic podcaster, Harry Brady, was appearing on The Press Box podcast, hosted by Graeme Spiers, when he recalled a story about when the Celtic chairman went to visit a Celtic supporters club in Dublin, “To touch on something that you said about Ian Bankier and his aloof nature.

And I remember somebody telling me a tale of Ian Bankier and anybody who knows anything about Ireland will get this immediately.

About his just ‘just not getting it’. His just not reading the room with the Celtic supporters.

He went to Dublin to speak to some Irish Celtic supporters. He said, ‘Oh I always love coming to Dublin. My grandfather served here with the British Army’.

That would obviously go back to circa 1916.

And obviously just didn’t get it and didn’t see what the issue was.”

How Bankier could even misread the room so blatantly is beyond even me.

His inability to speak to or even connect with the Celtic support in yesterday’s AGM was further compounded when the supporters voted down the resolution to re-elect him as the Chairman.

Changes are required at the top level in Celtic.

Will we get them? Not whilst the members of the board continue with their stranglehold on the club.

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