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“Hardly known for journalistic integrity” – Sevco fan media civil war as Ibrox Noise accuses ‘duff’ Rangers groups and Chris Jack for spreading an ‘utter fabrication’

I love this.

At a time when Celtic are adding players to their dominant squad, the *Rangers are looking for a new manager, will be looking for £9.5m to pay off Hummel and their fan media are also looking for positive stories to punt about their club.

But whilst the Govan side fall apart like a deck of cards, it was a story about Tom Lawrence that made the fan media sites set about each other.

Check out the news from all the Celtic blogs across the web HERE

According to Ibrox Noise, Chris Jack, Rangers Review and Ibrox News all stand accused of inflating an injury update on the popular winger.

They all claimed that Lawrence was set to be out until March which turned out to be a complete fabrication.

Chris Jack copped it the most when Ibrox Noise said, “Chris Jack, who has recently been a massive mouthpiece for exclusive Rangers stories recently, is hardly known for journalistic integrity and certainly has his critics among the Ibrox fanbase to say the least, and proudly reported the story as an absolute exclusive, only for Heart & Hand to investigate themselves and learn the story was dud information.

Brutal, savage and confirming what Celtic fans have known all along about the Sevco cheerleader that is Jack.

Full on civil war is happening not only amongst the boardroom it seems and it is fantastic.

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