“Hands off Celtic!” – Spanish Ultra’s send brilliant Higgins message

The Bernard Higgins appointment to Celtic is the one issue that I can safely say has united all the Celtic supporters.

From his handling of the OBAFA where his police officers criminalised people for just going to the football, the Hoops board plan to hire him as head of security (or Health & Safety) or whatever the hell the position is called is a slap in the face to the fans. Especially as, under his watch, a crush almost occurred at Celtic Park last season in a Glasgow Derby tie.

The appointment has been met with fierce opposition by the Hoops supporters as many Celtic Supporters Clubs, fan media outlets and bloggers all join forces to try and dissuade the board from making such a disastrous appointment.

But I bet the fans were not expecting support for the cause from this little known Ultra’s group.

Twitter account @Desperdicis is a social media account for the anti-fascist ultras of the Sant Andreu Sports Union football club and they brilliantly tweeted their support to the Celtic fans, “From Waste we want to convey support to our Celtic brothers from Glasgow Bhoys and the Hoops fans in their fight against those who want to step on the identity and values of their team and their fans.

Bernard Higgins hands off Celtic.

It is an incredible show of unity amongst football fans from all across Europe and as the news spreads of this potential appointment, you can be sure there will be further action and messages of support from other supporters groups.

One thought on ““Hands off Celtic!” – Spanish Ultra’s send brilliant Higgins message”

  1. There’s no doubt that Higgins was very enthusiastic to over enforce this law, but always remember that it was Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP that gave him the powers to do so. That’s the same SNP who sat back and praised the very same police force for their handling of the police escorted racist twice through the streets of Glasgow. In short, Nicola Sturgeon & the SNP are very much an enemy of Celtic Football Club.

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