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“Guys next question was gonni be offering him outside for a square go” – Video: Ross Wilson and Beale’s AGM faces are a picture as fan rinses Sevco’s signing policy

This is one of those questions I have been asking about all day.

Where are the question demanding more from their board of directors and answers over their clubs financial mismanagement and transfer signing policy.

Normally, I let this kind of common-sense thing go as I like to rip their club a new one, but the video of this question is absolutely brilliant.

Because the face of Ross Wilson, and Michael Beale in particular, is just golden. Have a watch:

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Beale looks like the guy that just got married and realised he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life and Wilson looks like the one he married. In denial and shaking his head not believing what he is hearing.

It’s this kind of hilarity that makes me wonder why Twitter is free.

I just wish the video went on a bit longer to hear his answer.

This is the next pertinent question in my opinion:

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