“Greeting”, “Tremendous”, “El Buffalo” – Hibs fans hilarious Morelos/Beaton tweet goes viral

I know all Celtic fans have the running joke about Beaton and Rangers and biased etc etc etc…..

Well we all know that it is not a joke as it is well publicised that Beaton is known Rangers fan.

But the narrative that the Celtic fans are somehow paranoid when it comes to this certain referee being allowed to take charge of our rivals game can now be laid to rest.

Because after last nights result at Easter Road and the award of a very, very, very soft penalty, the Hibs fans have now seemingly taken over the paranoid mantle from the Celtic fans.

A tweet sent by Twitter user Charlie Maule went viral last night as he took umbrage at ‘that’ penalty award last night and it took the social media platform by storm:

It was an outstanding effort and the likeness is incredibly uncanny, no matter what weird images it brings to my head!

The reactions to it were just outstanding!

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