“Grass” – Blue on blue action as Sevco fans turn on each other over Suzie McGuire tweet

There is a sinister practise going on the now on social media where a certain branch of Rangers fans reckon it’s good practice to stick people into their employers over their activity on social media.

It’s disturbing, especially the week before Christmas.

It was happening a few months ago as well when the Rangers fans ‘went to war’ on twitter screenshotting tweets from high profile Celtic fans sent years ago to their employers in the hope of getting them dismissed from their employment.

I’ve never understood that practise. Ever.

As part of my job, I am on twitter to bring you latest Celtic news from a different perspective and sometimes you come across totally abhorrent tweets of sectarian and racist nature.

My first thought? Just scroll past it. That person will eventually need to explain it to someone. But do I think of trying to find out their employer and send them a screenshot of it? Absolutely not. It’s mental.

DJ, and Celtic fan, Suzie McGuire posted said questionable tweet yesterday where she allegedly sang “Merry Christmas, **** the h*ns”.

The tweet has since been removed but not before well known Sevco fan Chris McLaughlin sent it to her employers and it seems now, that she has been removed from her postition.

This triggered an unexpected reaction from his fellow *Rangers fans as they turned on him for being a ‘grass’ triggering some blue on blue action.

This didn’t go down too well, especially five days before Christmas as he was called out by is fellow fans:



It seems miracles really do happen at Christmas.

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