Glen Kamara’s lawyer steps into the foodbank collection scandal

This was a huge story over the weekend.

As the Celtic fans did their thing and stepped up their efforts to collect for the local foodbanks, the Police and Glasgow City Council made every effort, it seems, to make their day as difficult as possible.

As the traffic wardens dished out four fines to the vans collecting the food at £60 a pop, twitter erupted in a sea of fury:

And the strangest thing about this? Just over two weeks ago we had a tank parked outside a pub not far up the road and not a jot was said about it.

Priorities though right?

One thought on “Glen Kamara’s lawyer steps into the foodbank collection scandal”

  1. Cut the polis OT by 3 hrs to pay for the fines!
    Or cut the polis and spend the money wisely.

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