“Gio on the booster seat”, “You can almost see Gio’s chicken nuggets” – Celtic fans brutal roast of manager meeting

This story broke in the national media outlets last night and you would think that a crime had been committed.

Ange Postecoglou met with Giovanni van Bronckhorst shocker!

As any Celtic fan knows, friendships between two rival Glasgow teams have been going on since the dawn of time. And they have continued since 2012 as well.

What was interesting was the stark differences in reactions when the picture was release from both sets of fans.

For the Rangers fans, there seemed to be a sense of shock and horror that their glorious leader had the temerity to speak to the Celtic manager.

For the Celtic fans? Ignoring the obvious misspelling of the Rangers managers three initials (🤦‍♂️), well they do what they do best. And ripped the utter p*sh out of Gio’s height:

There are too many to put in one article but it is clear that this has triggered only one half of the city badly. Can you guess which one?

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