“Get this **** to f***” – Goldson feels the full wrath of the Sevco fans as he does a Tav with ‘game over’ comment

What a glorious Monday morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing (well they are in my head!) and Rangers are papped out another cup. Again.

After bottling it. Again.

A lot has been said about his current Rangers side after their storming league championship win last season. The kid on Invincibles where tipped to take over Scottish football as a relatively unknown coach flew half way around the world to take on the massive task of rebuilding Celtic.

And as Ange looks forward to his first cup final, the Rangers fans look forward to doing some last minute Christmas shopping with their partners on the 19th December. It is beautiful!

But as the dust settles on this fine Hibs performance, the Ibrox rage was further compounded with Rangers defender Conor Goldson’s post match interview.

It was reminiscent of James Tavernier’s famous “we can’t take the pressure” comments in an official Ibrox match day program.

And it is fair to say the reaction to his comments below, are delicious:

“150 years of history” 😂👇

This is a great staunch reply:

Amazing how after they were all hailed hero’s they stand by their team during thick and thin. They really are the people!

2 thoughts on ““Get this **** to f***” – Goldson feels the full wrath of the Sevco fans as he does a Tav with ‘game over’ comment”

  1. “Lost the hunger” There has to be a ‘Famine Song coming back to bite you on the arse’ joke in there somewhere.

  2. If i was a hun fan i,d be more worried about what,s going on behind the scenes Gerrard left for a reason and i,m willing to bet it was because he knew he couldn,t get anymore out of that bunch of chancers . This is all the more galling because anyone could see that they were an ordinary team who would have collapsed under any kind of pressure and we shit in the nest bigtime. Goldson and Tavenier think they could play in the PL , well sorry boys in my opinion you both overachieved and both will be lucky to get a move to the championship . What kind of club plays an obvious weak link who cant defend over a genuinely decent looking player in Patterson and then starts punting the latter for £15-£20 million ? A desperate club obviously.

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