“Get out of our club!” – How Celtic in the African Nations broke Sevco twitter

This was a truly outstanding rant on twitter last night.

And I’ll tell you something. It doesn’t take much for the Ibrox fans to turn on their players does it?

Mark Hateley, who is a club legend, copped it yesterday, and now it’s the turn of Joe Aribo.

Aribo has been hailed as the clubs best player so far this season by the fans but all that doesn’t matter now.


Because Joe Aribo took part in the Nigeria national sides pre match huddle.

Yes. A huddle. And it prompted this incredible response from one raging Sevco fan:

I mean, where to even start with this!

And the best part? Some of the comments claiming the guy was fishing when he was clearly being rinsed by the Celtic fans and some of his own.

There is no Old F*rm mate.

And I’m not even going to put what the Celtic fans said because, well, you can imagine!

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