“I wish Gary Lineker was still on strike” – Celtic fans rinse BBC Sportscene’s analysis of Celtic flashpoints

You know what I love about the game in this country?

The fact that, like referees, our pundits are all impartial with no ties to the Glasgow club that resides in Govan.

It really is what makes our game special and maintain it’s credibility in world football.


What do you mean 90% of referee’s are Rangers fans and the pundits on the radio and telly are mostly retired Ibrox players???

Who would have thunk it eh?

Of course, I am being sarcastic, but like the referees in this country, the pundits just cannot see past their own bias to give an informed view or opinion on Celtic games. And that’s because most of them are ex-Rangers players.

I don’t care who you support but you cannot sit and tell me that when you are commenting on a team that is your biggest rival, you are not going to be bias in your views. Of course you will.

I do it. I’m a Celtic fan and I see the game through Celtic eyes but at least I can admit it. Which makes the BBC coverage of Celtic games a joke in this country.

Watch three ex-Ibrox players attempt to give their unbiased views on the Youan yellow cards:

The second booking, I’ll concede, was harsh but give me peace about the first one. That’s probably closer to a red than a yellow to be honest.

The punditry in this game is gone. I highlight it often enough on my YouTube channel.

It’s not just the refereeing that needs an overhaul in this country, the punditry does too.

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